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Asentia's workshops are held at Rapkyns Old Stables situated just outside the village of Broadbridge Heath near Horsham, West Sussex. It provides a peaceful and relaxed environment for small group workshops and there are animals on site - horses, sheep, chickens and dogs, which add to your learning experience. 

The workshops are suitable for all learning abilities and are facilitated mainly by myself where I can share my knowledge and experience to guide you in your learning and healing. You will meet more people, like yourself, who want to heal themselves and others, help animals or just deepen their relationship with them. You will receive a sharing of experience and knowledge that is respectful of where you are on your personal healing journey as well as to your opinions and ideas so that we can all learn and support each other as we progress in our lives. Your learning experience will be positive, meaningful and fun which will increase your understanding of the healing world, as well as your confidence and skills. I look forward to welcoming you to our unique workshops and venue.


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NEW initiative in self healing and healing animals


I have intuitively put together some half day practical workshops under the heading 'Practical foundation for self-healing and healing others including animals' (see below). The workshops are limited to 4 people who will stay as a group for all the workshops. Everyone involved in the workshops will  become co-creators of the content through expressing what they want to learn in addition to the planned content and to sharing their own knowledge and experiences. In this way I believe we can support each other in our personal and spiritual growth and create the changes we envision for ourselves, others, animals and for the world. 

Practical foundation for self-healing and healing others including animals



  1. To gain the basic knowledge and practical skills to be able to understand how to use Energy in its various forms for self-healing and healing others including animals.

  2. To provide a learning environment where each participant’s learning needs are met, there is mutual support and respect and understanding for each other’s journey.

  3. For participants to be involved in co-creating their own unique course  and contributing to the creation of future courses.


Content so far:

Basic core subjects to enable you to start healing:-

  • Personal preparation for healing     

  • Preparing to heal                             

  • Giving and receiving healing 


Further subjects to expand knowledge and healing ability:-         

  • Understanding trauma

  • Understanding chakras

  • Further exploration of subtle energy

  • How to talk to others about Healing

  • Connecting with Nature

Specific personal development:-

  • Embracing an energy fuelled lifestyle

  • Exploring internal personal energy blocks and obstacles

These subjects are interconnected, and the content is continually evolving with the needs of each participant and group.


What is involved:

  • Maximum of 4 people in a group

  • 3hr practical sessions here at Rapkyns either currently following government guidelines regards social distancing etc. exploring, practicing, and gaining experience using nature, animals, and each other as our learning environment or achieving as much as we can of those elements online with practical days/weekends in the future.

  • Dates and times for the workshops agreed by members of the group

  • Notes to accompany the sessions sent, before or after workshop, as a Pdf by email

  • Record of attendance kept for possible future recognition and qualification

  • An openness to share, ask questions, receive support, and to support the other members in the group in a safe and confidential environment


The price for each workshop is £30.00, however, due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in, I am offering a ‘pay what you can’ structure for the first three basic core subjects. This will be reviewed during the year, so you can pay the price that you can afford, for example, a £5.00, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00 or the full price of £30.   ​

Snippets of the content are put in the newsletters and this is a testamonial from one member of the first group that started in spring 2020: "With Sue’s guidance the journey I have been on has literally changed my life. I have been able to accept me for who I am, overcome self-doubt, believe and trust in myself and release negative thought patterns which has enabled me to move positively forward and have a good understanding of how to ground, connect to energy and discovering my healing ability.  It’s an ongoing journey and Sue is always there for support".

If you feel drawn to this way of healing and learning I am very happy to have a chat to see if this is right for you.