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Healing is a simple activity that we perform regularly in our lives, often unknowingly. It is natural and inbuilt into all living organisms since the foundation of all life is based on energy. Through awareness and various tools we can ignite energetic changes in ourselves and in our animals bringing increased health and well being. During the morning we will explore what healing really means, how it works, how our animals can help us, how we can recognise when our animals are not well and how we can help them. Living with animals can be a truly amazing, loving and healing relationship if we are aware of the possibilities. Health and well-being talks are held regularly at this venue so if you would like to know more or book  please contact  Barry Witton 01825 722027 email barrywitton@msn.com Or May Esler 01903 812134 email esler.may@gmail.com

Forest Lodge Veterinary Centre, Station Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DW on 17th March 2019 10am-1pm, tickets £25 including refreshments ( places restricted to 20). 

Healing With Our Animals

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