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Asentia, formerly Asentia College of Animal Healing, is dedicated to educating all who want to learn to heal themselves and animals. It runs informative and practical workshops and courses which are inclusive, fun, and based on ancient knowledge, science and experience.

They are designed for anyone who wants to :

  • heal themselves with the help of animals and nature

  • take an active part in the health and well being of animals

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What does 'Healing' mean? 
Healing is what our body is doing all of the time in an attempt to keep us healthy. It is also something that happens when we make others, including animals, feel better by giving them a hug, listening to them, caring for them or loving them. These actions and thoughts produce positive energy that connects us all and makes us feel good. 

Find out how you can take the very first step in supporting your animal's well being and in your own well being too.


Follow the exercise :

Upcoming Events



16th November 2019

9.30 - 4.30

For anyone who wants to learn how to do energy healing to start healing yourself and your animals. For more information 

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"The day has been very enjoyable indeed and I have learned a lot. The support of staff and “no judgement” really helped to foster an attitude of ‘have a go’ and 'believe''  Tracy Y  

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