OF ANIMALS

             AND PEOPLE


My name is Sue Newport and I run Asentia, formerly Asentia College of Animal Healing. During the lockdowns due to the Coronavirus, I have been taking the time to not only do some personal self-development but also to reassess the teaching I have been doing in Asentia. I have intentionally created a space for change and spiritual growth so that I can better serve those who feel that what I offer is helpful for their own personal growth and for the wellbeing of the animals in their care. This updated website is the beginning of a new vision for Asentia, if you would like to receive my newsletter  please subscribe below.

I hope that as we continue in these unprecedented and still uncertain times that you are well and able to stay positive and have support and love in your life.

     What is Asentia?

Asentia is run by Sue Newport and is a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people and animals to heal and become the best they can be. Through sharing knowledge and experience everyone who wants to learn to heal themselves, and to heal others including animals can do so in the supportive and nature filled environment of Sue's home.



Asentia's continually evolving workshops are held near Horsham, West Sussex. Teaching is in small groups enabling me to personally support you so you can learn to heal and increase your self confidence and your healing skills. The workshops are practical and integrate ancient knowledge, science and personal experience.


So, what does healing mean? Healing is what our body is doing all of the time to keep us healthy. It is also what a Healer does to bring about healing within another living being. It is also something that happens when we make others, including animals, feel better by giving them a hug, listening to them, caring for them or loving them. 

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