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Animal Healing

What is Animal Healing?

In essence, animal healing is a complementary therapy and works on the same principles as healing in people. The animal's body is made up of a variety of energy frequencies, just like the wave frequencies you tune into using a radio!

These energy frequencies are variable because the energies can vibrate at different rates. When they are all balanced your animal's body is healthy, however when they become unbalanced or blocked their body becomes diseased. Healers are trained to help bring the animal's energy system back into a state of balance and health.

Both Sue and Emily have a Diploma in Animal Healing and have used this knowledge, and their research about energy to develop a very down to earth approach that considers both the physical and spiritual aspects of healing.

By 'listening' to the subtle energy frequencies within the animal's body we have developed a deeper understanding of how energy works which is now being supported by recent scientific studies. Using this knowledge of energy, along with anatomy and physiology, we are able to tune into the animal's body system, which directs us to specific areas, to meet the needs of the individual.

As the animal's body receives healing it is able to release physical and emotional trauma which are stored as energetic blocks. By releasing these blockages the animal's body gradually becomes rebalanced allowing it to function on a healthier level.

Any condition can be helped by raising the energy levels in the animal's body, giving it more resources to enable its self-healing mechanism to be strengthened. It can be used alongside other therapies and is effective in aiding or helping both acute and chronic injuries and conditions.

Asentia advises animal owners to seek veterinary advice for any conditions that have not been diagnosed prior to any healing sessions. The Veterinary Act 1966 stipulates that only qualified vets may diagnose and give treatment based on the diagnosis. Asentia aims to complement any veterinary care that is required, and to maintain professionalism we will inform your vet that your animal is receiving healing..

What is Distant Animal Healing?

This is when you give healing to an animal that is not present. This works because the principles of energy, as described above, are not limited by time and space, and healing can be as effective through distant work as when the animal is in the room. This makes the healing accessible to anyone who is unable to travel with their animal to a therapist.

We ask for a photograph of your animal to be sent prior to the first consultation. A date and time is then arranged for the session, and a follow up phone call will allow discussion of the healing. For case studies of distant healing that have been carried out and its effects please see our testimonials.